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Sept. 4, 2020

Mind Your Ps and Qs

Mind Your Ps and Qs

About this episode:

Welcome to "You Don't Say?!" the podcast for English learners about life around the world, cultural differences and things that have surprised us on our travels. On today’s episode “Mind Your Ps and Qs” we’re talking about the use of please, thank you, sorry and excuse me around the world.

Some topics we’ll discuss:

  • Going from a culture where please, thank you and sorry are used so much to a culture where they’re hardly used at all.
  • How you’re behaviour could get you cheaper coffee in one cafe
  • Why you shouldn’t smile too much in one country

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Our question for you:

How important is it to say please, thank you and sorry in your culture? Share your comments by leaving us a voice message with your name. If you’re lucky your message could appear on a future episode.


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