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Aug. 14, 2020

Fitting In

Fitting In

Welcome to "You Don't Say?!" the podcast for English learners about life around the world, cultural differences and things that have surprised us on our travels. On today’s episode we’re talking about trying to fit in when you travel to or live in another country. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s challenging.

Some topics we’ll discuss:

  • Not fitting in in Europe and Asia
  • Reactions to your accent when you speak the local language
  • What exactly is a "giri" in Spain?

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Our question for you:

Have you ever lived in another country and what was the most challenging thing for you when you did?

Episode links:

Answer our episode question by leaving us a voice message on Anchor. We might feature your answer on a future show. Have you ever lived in another country and if so what did you find most challenging?


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