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Nov. 6, 2020

Country Spotlight: The Czech Republic

Country Spotlight: The Czech Republic

About this episode:

Welcome to "You Don't Say?!" the podcast for English learners about life around the world, cultural differences and things that have surprised us on our travels. We’re back with another listener voted Country Spotlight episode and today’s location is The Czech Republic. We’re also joined by a special guest, a fellow English teacher, who just happens to be Czech.

Some topics we’ll discuss:

  • Classic Czech food and why it might not be so healthy
  • Something you could do for free if you speak Czech and love learning
  • Something that surprises foreigners on a first visit...and much more

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Our question for you:

Do you think you could spend 6 months living in The Czech Republic? Let us know by leaving us a voice message with your name. If you’re lucky your message could appear on a future episode.


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