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Sept. 11, 2020

Country Spotlight: Malaysia

Country Spotlight: Malaysia

About this episode:

Welcome to "You Don't Say?!" the podcast for English learners about life around the world, cultural differences and things that have surprised us on our travels. We have a different style of episode for you today called a Country Spotlight. Every 4 weeks we’ll ask our listeners to vote for one country and then we’ll spend a whole episode talking about all the surprising, interesting and challenging things about living there. This episode is focused on the multicultural country Malaysia.

Some topics we’ll discuss:

  • Food - eating out 24 hours a day
  • Language - being multilingual and language ability
  • Shopping - the culture of haggling
  • Education - studying at primary school

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Our question for you:

Do you think you could spend a year living in Malaysia? Why/why not? Share your comments by leaving us a voice message with your name. If you’re lucky your message could appear on a future episode.


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