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Jan. 22, 2021

Country Spotlight: Iceland

Country Spotlight: Iceland

Today’s episode is our first Country Spotlight of 2021 and we’ll be exploring Iceland.

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • How the Icelandic language has over 100 words for one particular thing
  • Two outdoor activities that you can’t miss if you visit Iceland
  • Reasons why Icelanders might be so happy...and much more

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Our question for you:

Could you spend 6 months living in Iceland? Share your comments by leaving us a voice message with your name. If you’re lucky your message could appear on a future episode.


Episode Links:

New culture and travel quiz

What is life really like in Iceland - YouTube video

Pros and Cons of living in Iceland (from an Australian’s point of view) - YouTube video

The worst things about living in Iceland - YouTube video

The book and TV series that Audrey couldn’t remember the name of: The Handmaid’s Tale!

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